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Are Your Accounting Hires Ready for Today’s Challenges?

According to CFO’s contributor David McCann, chief financial officers are struggling to find accounting candidates with a wide range of talents, including leadership, budgeting, reporting, and management. (more…)

Why strong writing skills can push your company ahead

Pre employment assessments can often reveal specific skills that a candidate can bring to an open position. However, it is important for HR managers to understand how an applicant can be further molded with certain abilities to continuously contribute to ... Read More

Which skills are important in today’s health care office landscape?

Which skills are most important in today’s health care office landscape? (more…)

Hiring clerical staff for your hospitalist practice

In an article written for The Society of Hospital Medicine publication The Hospitalist, Dr. John Nelson offers advice on how and why physicians and hospitals can benefit greatly from hiring clerical staff. For the first few years of his career, ... Read More

How to hire a stellar executive assistant

At some point in a business’s growth, executives find they have more on their plate than they can handle. There simply areĀ not enough hours in the day to address travel arrangements, client concerns, mailing out collateralĀ and responding to prospective customers ... Read More

Five valuable Excel skills your employee should have

Microsoft Excel is an industry standard when it comes to spreadsheet applications. This powerful program can provide a variety of valuable functions that can help you quickly track, sort and analyze data: If your employees don’t know how to use ... Read More

Lessons from jazz for human resource teams

“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.” While Miles Davis was overtly referring to a musician playing the notes on a page versus the notes that are in his or her soul, the same concept can be applied in ... Read More
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