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Do Your New Hires Have the Healthcare Administration Skills You Need?

According to a survey from CareerBuilder and MiracleWorkers.com, 52% of employers are unable to find qualified candidates for positions in healthcare administration. Healthcare jobs are some of the toughest to fill, reports say, and this causes significant problems when recruiting ... Read More

How to Implement Attention to Detail Skills Tests in Your Hiring Process

Although the numbers vary by company and position, on average 250 resumes are received for every corporate job opening. At that rate, hiring managers need weeks to process resumes and cover letters. When an applicant uploads their resume to a ... Read More

Effects of Pre-Employment Attention to Detail Assessments in the Public Sector

In recent years, government agencies (Department of Justice, ABA, Office of Special Council) have investigated corrupt activity in the public sector that was either caused by, or in some way related to, poor employment screening practices. (more…)

Attention to Detail Tests: Avoiding Hiring Mistakes with Pre-Employment Tests

As told in Alexander Pope’s poem “To Err is Human”, people have long been aware that they are prone to making mistakes. This is particularly important for large organizations and companies that work in a highly complex business and regulatory ... Read More

What is Attention to Detail and How Can We Test Applicants for It?

Nothing says ‘we’re unprofessional’ more than lack of attention to detail. Missing these details can result in anything from a mild embarrassment to a client-losing mistake, or worse. When staff members miss the details, minor or major, they put business ... Read More
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