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How Cognitive Testing Can Help You Hire Admin Support Staff

Many people are accustomed to standard job interviews, but there are other ways to objectively observe your candidates. When you’re hiring administrative team members, important skills like problem-solving, time management, and flexibility are going to be what you’re searching for. ... Read More

How to Make a Cognitive Ability Test a Part of Your Hiring Process

The average turnover rate across all industries is approximately 18 percent. That’s a significant number of hiring mistakes and is tremendously expensive and time-consuming for the companies tasked with finding replacement employees. There are methods to avoid this expense and ... Read More

Which Cognitive Ability Test to Use and Why?

Testing for cognitive ability should be an integral step of your recruitment process. It’s a method for your HR team to identify the best applicants for the job from a wide pool of potential employees. As any manager knows, spotting ... Read More
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