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All You Need to Know About Customer Service Tests

The way customers engage and interact with businesses has changed dramatically. Although it’s common sense that positive customer experiences are important for business success, the need for more thoughtful customer service has skyrocketed recently. According to Salesforce, empathy, personalization, and ... Read More

Improve Patient Experience With Customer Service Tests

The pandemic has sparked intense changes in our day-to-day life and one of those changes has been the move toward more thoughtful customer service. This has been especially important for the healthcare sector. With the importance of customer service in ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Candidate With a Customer Service Test

Although it’s common knowledge that excellent customer service is critical to a business’s success, current events make it more difficult to consistently deliver a superb customer experience. Because of the pandemic, there’s been a shift in how customers engage with ... Read More

The Cost of Poor Customer Service

You may think that most businesses don’t have the same customer challenges that your organization does.¬† But this couldn’t be further from the truth – and what distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ones is how they address¬†these problems. Successful businesses ... Read More
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