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Image of a woman taking an Excel Assessment Test

Mastering Excel for Employment: Why Conducting An Excel Assessment Test for Candidates is Essential

Welcome to the world of Excel, where data comes alive, and numbers dance to your command! Whether you are seeking to hire a finance whiz, a marketing maven, or a data detective, Excel will be their trusty sidekick, aiding you ... Read More
Image showing Excel proficiency test for hiring managers, with candidate assessment tools and metrics

Excel Proficiency Test for Job Candidates – Unleashing the Excel Superheroes

Welcome back, Excel enthusiasts! In part one we covered the basics of the Excel proficiency test and how to set the stage for Excel excellence. But hold on tight, because part two is all about discovering the intermediate and advanced ... Read More
Image of Superhero with text background stating Excel Proficiency Test For Job Candidates

Excel Skills Test for Job Candidates: Finding Your Perfect Match

Hey there, savvy hiring managers! Previously, we chatted about the importance of digital know-how in job applicants and why adding an Excel skills test to your hiring process is an absolute must. But here’s the catch: not all job roles ... Read More

Excel Assessment: Overlooked Part of Recruiting

Most business software requires a big financial commitment, not to mention time spent on training your workforce to use something new. Although there are advantages to considering other software, the ease of use Excel offers is unmatched – especially when ... Read More
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