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5 Different Types of Job Interviews


Hello, my name is Allison and welcome to today’s episode of EmployTest TV. When you are interviewing a job applicant, here are five different types of interviews you can use.

First, try a phone interview. This is an effective first step to save time while working through a large pool of applicants. You can evaluate how a person communicates and experience how they present themselves by phone.

As the second option, video interviews are great because you can actually see the candidate without having to leave the office. This shows their body language and how they visually present themselves.

The most common option is an in-person one-on-one interview to meet with the candidate for an hour for questions and discussions about their abilities. This type of meeting helps build rapport with the person while also better understanding their overall demeanor.

The fourth interview option is a panel interview. Here, a group of professionals will meet with a single candidate so everyone at the group can weigh in and assess the person’s communication style and skillset. While this option could be intimidating to applicants, it can be more efficient than conducting multiple meetings.

Finally, group interviews enable multiple applicants to meet with interviewers in a room where they can answer questions, engage in team activities, and complete small projects. This shows hiring managers their interpersonal skills, and the ability to work in competitive environments. Each company has different interview preferences, so it’s important to lay out the goals of your organization to find the right fit.

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