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How much does it cost and how do I get started?

It’s easy peasy to use! First, visit our Pricing page (each test uses one credit) and then choose a package to get started.

You’ll get your access info soon after, during business hours (new customers), so you can start testing.  Current customers’ credits are added to their current testing account.

Government organizations may be eligible to be invoiced, rather than pay by credit card. Please ask!

Who can I talk to at EmployTest?

Our top-rated US-based team can answer questions by phone or email, whichever works best for you (an actual real, live person, not AI chatbot or chat agent).

We’ll answer any questions on your mind, either before you buy or after you’re set up and testing.

Have questions right now?  Reserve your time slot today.

Do tests help to avoid bias in the hiring process?

Yes, they ca help to avoid bias. HR recruiters and hiring managers may have biases that they are not aware of. Using validated pre-hire tests reduces the likelihood of bias that may come from work or education. Our tests follow all EEOC and US Labor Dept.’s Guidelines on Employee Selection. Test results should be monitored periodically to watch for signs of biases or adverse impact. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests best practices for that process. EmployTest has adverse impact data for many tests in our catalog.

Should we base hiring decisions solely on the test scores?

Applicant test scores are an important part of the hiring decision making process, but they are typically only part of it. Hiring decisions should be based on an overall view of the applicant, which also includes interviews, experience, work samples, and education (if applicable). Your organization may have other considerations as well. Tests give an independent, non-opinion based understanding of their abilities.

How are the tests developed? How can I know these tests are accurate?

We partner with the top test developers/publishers around the world to bring you the most extensive library of tests available. Every test or assessment question (item) has been developed by a PhD or Master’s level industrial organizational psychologist. These researchers work extensively with subject matter experts in each topic to develop the questions and possible answers. Each test undergoes a thorough validation process to ensure that it accurately and consistently measures the desired skill or competency. This process can include tests being administered to populations to make sure the results are consistent with manager reviews (that the test accurately predicts skill or lack thereof). Each test is then periodically reviewed to make sure it still accurately measures the desired skill.

Can we use EmployTest with our Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or HRIS?

We have an open API that allows for integration into most ATS platforms. We don’t charge additional fees to use our API. However, depending on the ATS, the integration may require resources from your IT team. The ATS often adds surcharges if you are adding modules to your license with them, so consider your annual testing volume when evaluating (we can help too). If your test volume doesn’t require integration now, it can be changed in the future as your test volume grows.

Why should I use EmployTest instead of doing this in-house or using a different company?

Interviews and references can be unreliable and open to different interpretation by your co-workers on the hiring team. Everyone may have a different opinion on which candidate is the best and the tests will provide the definitive answer. More importantly, however, using tests that follow US Department of Labor’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection, in addition to EEOC guidelines, is the most responsible and fair way to quickly and accurately assess job applicants’ abilities. Yes, your company could build similar tests internally, but it will be a big commitment of time and budget. Our tests will provide the information you need, at a reasonable cost.

Why EmployTest? You’ll have a dedicated US-based account manager who you can talk with by phone if needed (email if fine too!). No other company has the extensive lists of tests/profiles to help with your hiring or training process. Our flexible pricing allows you to start with a modest investment, instead of the thousands required by other assessment vendors. Finally, our tests are guaranteed to provide accurate results for the skill/knowledge being tested. No other company guarantees their tests like we do.

New Customers: I haven't received account instructions or receipt.

Please check your spam/junk folders and make sure you can receive emails from employtest.com.  Any missing emails are typically found in junk/spam.

Your purchase receipt is emailed immediately after purchase.

Your username (your email) and password info are sent soon after verifying your account (typically just a few minutes, if ordering during US EDT business hours).

New Customers: Where do I sign in and what is my user name?

New customers use our updated dashboard (Here-please bookmark). Your user name is your email and you can create or reset a password.  Older customers may also be using the updated dashboard (see above) or they may be using Legacy dashboard (Here-ask us about switching).

Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Let’s Get Started … It’s Easy

Easy to use…Simple Pricing….We get that a lot from our customers.

You can start testing applicants in less than 10 minutes from right now.

We don’t need to do a fancy demo of the dashboard (although we can).

You don’t have to get a custom price quote (but we can do that too).

Just simple and easy to get started.

It’s easy for your applicants to use too. They just get a link via email and can take the tests according to their schedule.

Our platform manages the process from start to finish. Test scores are emailed to you and also viewable on the account dashboard.

Lose an applicant, no problem. Just delete their test session and you’re on to the next one.

Need a different test, search our list based on job titles or topics.

Review sample tests and sample reports so you know what you’re using.

Easy to use…we wouldn’t have it any other way.