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Avoid hiring frustration with our Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

The average hiring mistake costs $18,700. But you can verify applicants’ skills, before you hire them.

Use any of 200+ skills tests for job applicants on our 5-star rated system. Buy as needed, with no contract required.


Why Use Our Employment Assessment Tests?

Hiring mistakes can be costly, up to 25% of an employee’s salary! Don’t burden your staff with bad hires, waste time on training, or risk your team’s productivity (and happiness). Ensure you hire the right person with EmployTest’s pre-employment assessment tests. Discover candidate abilities before you invest in them. Choose EmployTest – your smart hiring solution!

Basic Employment Skills Tests

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EmployTest helps you identify candidates whose skill set

matches their resumes, ensuring they can hit the ground running and add immediate organizational value.

100+ Simulation and Job Specific Tests

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Our pre-hiring assessment tests cover a range of hard and soft

skills, including those that may be outside your area of expertise. Clear results give you the confidence to make informed hiring decisions.

2000+ Five Star Customer Reviews

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Our customers have spoken, with more than 2000 reviews of 5

Stars. Our Reviews page shows what customers say about the test content, the ease of test administration and our A+ customer service.

Minimize Human Error

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HR recruiters may not know they have any personal bias.

Using validated pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or education. Our tests follow EEOC and US Labor Dept.’s Guidelines on Employee Selection.

Budget-Friendly Per Test Pricing

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No annual contracts required! Scale effortlessly with your

hiring needs and experience easy access to our comprehensive testing platform. Affordable and flexible, based on your changing hiring needs.

US-Based Live Phone Support Team

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Experience the difference with EmployTest’s exceptional, top

rated Account Services team. Our dedicated team gives you personalized assistance and expert guidance, ensuring your hiring process is smooth and efficient, for both you and your applicants.

Developed By Experts

Extensive Research Behind Every Test

We use an extensive research and development process to ensure tests accurately and consistently measure the desired competency. Tests follow the US Dept. of Labor and EEOC guidelines. For 12+ years, we’ve helped 6000+ companies save millions of dollars in hiring mistakes. We combat low employee retention and productivity by identifying the most qualified pros who quickly add organizational value.

Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

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Flexible Purchasing Options

Can I purchase a small number of tests, or do I need to buy in bulk?

You can purchase in quantities as small as 5 tests, so small and medium volume users find the EmployTest skills assessment test platform very budget friendly. Check out our pricing for details.

Is there an expiration date for the test credits I purchase?

We don’t require expensive annual contracts to use our employment assessment test platform. You have a full year from the purchase date to use the credits. Not sure how many credits you’ll use? Start with a smaller pack, then easily add more when you need them.

Quality and Variety of Tests

What types of pre-employment tests does EmployTest offer?

We offer basic skills tests and a wide range of industry specific tests, but the most frequently used include the Microsoft skills assessment and attention to detail tests. See the test list here.

Do you offer simulations for technology skills assessments?

EmployTest offers interactive basic computer skills assessments, NOT multiple choice. Each test question is a simulation of a web page or program, such as Microsoft Office.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

How easy is it to place an order and use EmployTest’s platform?

It’s simple to use our online skills assessment tests. Just visit our pricing page and choose the credit pack that fits your needs. Soon after you order, you’ll have access to the dashboard so you can email tests to applicants.

Can I quickly find and access the tests I need on your website?

The Test List page shows the commonly used employment assessment tests, which you can filter by category or job. You can request sample tests to confirm they are suitable for your position.

Pricing and Value

How does EmployTest balance quality with affordability?

We partner with best-in-class testing providers such as SkillCheck and Psymetrics to offer online skills assessment tests in small quantities, while our partners focus on larger companies (Fortune 100).

Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with your testing services?

You only buy the pre hiring assessment test credits you need. There is no annual license requirement, no set up charges, and no reporting fees. It’s easy peasy to use!

Customer Service and Support

Can I get assistance in selecting the right tests for my needs?

The pre employment assessment test list includes descriptions for each test. We recommend you sample the test to confirm it’s relevant to your open position. We also offer customized assessment tests, which our customers love, because it matches the questions right to their job descriptions.

How does EmployTest ensure customer satisfaction in service and support?

All employment assessment test questions are created by PhD and Master’s level researchers who specialize in that topic. Tests are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain reliable predictors of the ability being measured.

Industries We Work With

EmployTest works with industries such as Legal, Non-Profit, Government, Education and Financial Services.

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Streamline law firm hiring with EmployTest’s pre-employment assessments. Tailored legal staffing solutions for skills, aptitude, and efficiency.

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Boost nonprofit recruiting with pre-employment skills testing. Ensure skilled hires for impactful community service and efficient operations.

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Transform public sector recruiting with data driven pre-employment screening. Customized solutions for government HR, ensuring skilled, efficient hires.

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Enhance education hiring with skills testing for employment. Benchmark administrative staff for productive, cohesive educational teams.

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Make informed recruitment decisions in finance. Learn why pre-employment tests are vital for preventing mistakes in the financial industry.

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