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100+ skills, behavioral and aptitude tests for job applicants. Our unique, 5-star rated system lets you buy as needed, without an expensive annual contract.


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Our friendly team will help you select the right employment assessment tests that meet the requirements of your job positions. You can email candidates a test session (or they can test in your office) and you’ll get the scores as soon as they complete it.

Our team guides you from start to finish, with free on-boarding, including test administration and interpretation of scores, plus we give you with free and unlimited phone support if needed.

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HR recruiters may not know they have any personal bias. Using validated pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or education. Our tests follow EEOC and US Labor Dept.’s Guidelines on Employee Selection.

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Hiring mistakes can cost more than 25% of the employee’s annual salary. Learn what candidates can do, before you hire them, to better invest your time and money.

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Our customers have spoken, with more than 2000 reviews of 5 Stars. Our Reviews page shows what customers say about the test content, the ease of test administration and our A+ customer service.

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Adding the right person to your team ensures current employees aren’t saddled with extra work, don’t lose time training the wrong person, and stay with your company.

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Our pre hiring assessment tests cover a range of hard and soft skills, including those that may be outside your area of expertise. Clear results give you the confidence to make hiring decisions.

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EmployTest helps you identify candidates whose skill set matches their resumes, ensuring they can hit the ground running and add immediate organizational value.

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Extensive Research Behind Every Test

Our tests undergo an extensive research and development process, as well as a validation process, to ensure they accurately and consistently measure the desired skill or competency. All tests follow the guidelines of the US Dept. of Labor and the EEOC. For 12+ years, we’ve helped 6000+ companies save millions of dollars in hiring mistakes. We help combat low employee retention and other strategic issues by filling thousands of jobs with the most qualified professionals who immediately add organizational value.

Pre-employment tests for job applicants

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EmployTest Reviews
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Bobby Q, Corporate Recruiter, Outsourcing

“It’s very accurate, with skills levels in line with candidates’ capabilities after they start.”

Whitney H, Director of Client Ops, Healthcare

“The platform is user friendly and easy to navigate”

Tracy J, Director of HR, Education Management

“Super friendly and responsive customer service”

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