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84% of job applicants aren’t 100% truthful on their resume.

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Are interviews and resumes reliably accurate?

Sometimes, but you can’t blindly trust them, plus applicants may not know exactly what you need. Neither interviews or resumes provide an independent, data-driven verification of what applicants can do.

Hiring the best applicants is hard to do. You’ll only have a few qualified applicants and it’s important to verify what their skills actually are.

100+ Pre-Hire Tests

Job skills, behavioral traits, aptitude, and industry knowledge, with all questions developed by Phd/Masters level researchers (See Test List).  How It Works and Pricing shows you how to get started. Categories include:

  • Basic employment skills (attention to detail, reading comp, grammar/spelling)
  • Industry knowledge
  • Workplace behavior and aptitude
  • Microsoft Office skills and general computer knowledge

We can customize tests from our categories to match your job position (ask us!)

Hiring is competitive. Don’t lose applicants.

You’re competing against other employers for top talent.  Top applicants are considering multiple offers to see which is best for them. EmployTest helps you understand their skills more quickly, so you can make an offer (or move on to the next applicant).

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