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It will benefit companies in the long-run when HR managers take the time to hire individuals with the right hard skills that can evolve along with technology, keeping an organization at the forefront of its industry.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Jimmy Johnson, an American football coach and broadcaster’s famous quote can relate to more areas than just sports. In the business world, for example, it’s crucial for HR managers to bring on employees who have the necessary skills that can push a company forward.

With new technology developing everyday, and new systems becoming more intricate, it’s beneficial when those in charge of hiring are able to narrow down the applicant field, ensuring that candidates who are chosen can handle all aspects of the position. Pre-employment tests can help in this area, helping businesses bring on individuals with the hard skill set required of a job.

A recent contribution piece on Harvard Business Review, by Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, discussed the importance of companies hiring individuals who have grown beyond the make-up of a mediocre employee.

According to Schrage, middle-ground performers will not benefit a business in the long run. Especially with technology developing and becoming further integrated into daily operations, an organization needs individuals who will flourish in their position.

“In other words, average performers – be they bosses or workers – become relatively less valuable over time,” Schrage wrote. “More crassly, mediocre people make mediocre investments. The average is the enemy.”

Schrage added that if businesses invest in quality performers, they will gain more in the long run. Sometimes, it’s not enough to continuously whip the few thoroughbreds – top employees – that a company has and hope that they can carry the business.

With an employability skills assessment, HR managers will be investing in an organization’s future. When all individuals hired have the right type of hard skills, they will be able to evolve and adapt them as necessary. That way, a business can stay successful.