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Getting the Inside Scoop: Hiring a Former Federal Employee

former federal employee recruitment

Looking to hire a former federal employee? Good thinking! Their inside expertise can be a major boost for your organization. But before you toss that government guru into your talent mix, let’s go over a few tips to make sure it’s a match made in hiring heaven.

Former Federal Employee Resumes Are Different

First, understand how federal resumes are different. Lengthy, detail-packed federal resumes are the norm. Don’t let that intimidate you! Focus on duties and achievements related to the role you’re hiring for.

Pro tip: Ask candidates to summarize their federal experience in 2 pages or less. This helps you zero in on the most relevant bits.

Next, know the pay differences. Federal employees are used to set pay scales. To lure top federal talent, offer competitive pay and highlight non-monetary perks like remote work options, professional development benefits, and flex time.

Pro tip: Lead with the exciting career growth potential at your company.

Speaking of growth potential, target former feds looking for new challenges. Many leave public service to expand their impact and advancement opportunities. Emphasize the ways your role allows creativity, leadership, and innovation.

Pro tip: Ask candidates about the types of projects they’d be excited to manage in your company.

Be aware of the loyalty mindset. Adaptability may be an initial hurdle, since federal employees are conditioned to follow set rules and protocols. Focus questions on how candidates take initiative or work around red tape to achieve goals.

Pro tip: Ask for examples of when they improved processes or programs “within the system.”

Address the dreaded “fed-to-private” stigma. Some assume former feds will slack off without strict government oversight. Stress your performance standards and management style upfront. Pro tip: Reassure candidates that you provide support to help transition to the private sector’s faster pace.

Speaking of pace, assess adaptability. While skills transfer over, the private sector moves lightning-fast compared to government. Ask candidates how they’ll adjust to more rapid decision making and turnarounds.

Pro tip: The question: “What’s your experience collaborating with private companies or consultants?” can reveal flexibility.

Lastly, don’t forget the value federal employees offer! Their deep knowledge of regulations and systems provides unique insights. And stellar benefits means they’re choosy about new roles, so attracting them is a major bonus.

Pro tip: Spotlight the prestige of bringing on someone with federal-level experience and expertise.

Ready to make a strategic hire? Try using pre-employment tests specifically designed for former feds. The in-depth reports will help assess if that federal flair is a good match for your needs. With the right intel, you’ll feel like you have top secret clearance on the perfect candidate!

So are you ready to step into an exciting new hiring world alongside proven government talent? With the tips above under your belt, you can recruit federal employees to supercharge your team. Just remember to highlight growth opportunities and flexibility. For good measure, try a free pre-employment skills sample test and add one more tool to your recruitment toolbelt. You’ve got this!