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How can pre-employment testing help your company?


Selecting the perfect employee out of a large group of applicants can seem difficult for hiring managers. Gathering as much relevant information on your candidates during an interview as possible is key, especially if something on the resume seems off. In fact, according to a survey by CareerBuilder, nearly 57 percent of hiring managers recalled an instance when they caught a lie on a resume. This statistic alone should encourage you to enhance your current hiring processes.

By finalizing the process with an applicant with pre-employment testing, you can weed through the unprepared candidates and spend less time and money on hiring mistakes.

“Administered correctly, pre-employment testing can help companies save time and cost in the selection process, decrease turnover, increase productivity and improve morale,” Forbes contributor Lisa Quast wrote in “Pre-Employment Testing: A Helpful Way For Companies To Screen Applicants.”

Let’s dive deeper into some of the many reasons pre-employment testing can benefit your company:

1. Save time and money
Because pre-employment testing helps businesses navigate through the underqualified candidates, your company can make efficient use of its time during the hiring process. Additionally, instead of hiring someone who simply made it through the interview only to prove they were not the right fit after a week, you can save money in hiring the right candidate the first time around.

Pre-employment testing can save you time and money during the hiring process.Pre-employment testing can save you time and money during the hiring process.

2. Select the right candidate
The position you’re looking to fill requires a number of unique skills and qualities to be met. With pre-employment testing, you can measure such skills, aptitude and even personality to get an understanding if the candidate does, in fact, fit the job description. This can act as a second chance for you, the hiring manager, if the candidate lied about his or her skills, qualification or experience during the interview.

“Data can predict how potential employees will handle an issue in the future.”

3. Increase productivity
With pre-employment testing, you can get a better understanding of candidate productivity in the future at your company. The data can predict how your potential employees will handle an issue and act upon it on the job. You can rely on the correlation between positive answers and increased productivity to help you determine who would make the right fit for the position.

4. Improve hiring processes
As a hiring manager, you understand how time-consuming and hectic the recruiting process can be, especially if you’re going on a hiring spree. With pre-employment testing, you can ensure the process is more streamlined and organized. It allows you to navigate through underqualified candidates easily and quickly, and can also limit the number of candidates you decide to keep in touch with in the future if another position opens up. This allows you to make the best use of your time and efforts as a hiring manager.

Finding the right pre-employment testing services
To achieve your hiring retention goals as a business, consider the following tips, provided by Quast, for utilizing pre-employment testing to its best ability:

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