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How do you narrow down the applicant field?


A basic computer skills test can be an important part of a business' hiring process.

Hiring decisions are hardly ever easy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. HR employees must ensure that applicants could begin contributing to a company immediately, and that their personal and technical skills are exactly what is needed for the business.

But, how can organizations alter their hiring process to not only attract top talent but also successfully sift through applications and find the right employees?

A recent CareerBuilder survey showed that employers will search for interesting factors when having to choose between two equally strong candidates. The results showed that 27 percent of businesses would choose the applicant with a better sense of humor and 26 percent opted for someone who was involved with his or her community.

An interview process that incorporates pre employment assessments and thorough questions can also be greatly beneficial.

Brittany Hodak, co-founder of ‘Zinepak-a marketing firm-told Business Insider that question she likes to ask candidates is “how can you make the company better?” According to Hodak, she wants prospective hires to set themselves apart by talking about the personal and technical skills they think they can bring to the table.

“Culture is so important in start-ups, and every single hire matters,” she said. “It’s important to not only find someone with the qualifications to do the job, but also someone who is uniquely driven to help make the company the absolute best it can be.”

A well-rounded hiring process will have a much better chance of bringing on candidates who can handle the technical requirements of a position and still get along with co-workers. A basic computer skills test and in-depth questions can have long-lasting positive effects.