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Smoothing the hiring process


Make sure your job adverts are as specific as possible.

Ideally, organizations should be able to take the time to ensure that every new hire fits their needs and will quickly contribute to productivity. Unfortunately however, there are times when the need is too urgent to take the appropriate time to identify top performing candidates and confirm how well they will fit into the office culture. In these cases, when hiring directors are under the gun to fill a position quickly, there are still some strategies to attract and identify the candidates that fit your business.

In a recent article, The Guardian advised small to medium businesses that using the right wording on their job adverts can reduce the number of underqualified candidates. It is helpful to be as specific as possible to manage applicant’s expectations and reduce turnover.

“We are very specific that we want someone who is used to doing a high volume of outbound calls, for example, and that it’s not a customer-service job, it’s a bang away on the phone type job,” Simon Meredith, managing director of Freight First, told The Guardian.

If human resources aren’t quite sure what details the position entails, it is important to gain that information from exit interviews of that position’s direct supervisor.

When in a rush to fill a position, hiring managers also need to be skeptical about resumes and cover letters that may seem too good to be true. To avoid making an underqualified hire and having to restart the whole search, add pre employment testing to your hiring process. Online pre employment testing is a cost-effective means of identifying those candidates with the targeted skills you need at your organization.