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The four C’s of of hiring great employees


Pre-employment tests can help determine if an applicant has the necessary skills to help your company succeed.

For small and medium businesses to find success, they must first build the right team. Forbes estimates that a single poor hiring decision can cost a business anywhere from $25-50,000 depending on their length of employment. To avoid such costly mistakes, hiring directors should ensure that their applicants meet the criteria listed below, known as the four C’s:

  1. Character. Does the applicant’s values line up with the company’s vision? Ask interview questions that reveal if they are a team player, and ensure they know how to take criticism. Assigning a small task to be completed before the interview can show if they keep their promises and value the time of others.
  2. Commitment. Looking at prior employment history can often tell if a potential hire is serious about sticking around for the long term, but may not give the full picture. Ask about future plans and what the applicant’s long term goals might be. If they are simply looking for a few paychecks before moving on, they probably will not make a very dedicated worker.
  3. Compatible. To avoid potential conflict, consider how each potential hire might fit into the office culture. Will their outspoken nature distract or irritate other employees? Mature candidates should be willing to make adjustments for their superior, and if they are unwilling, there will almost certainly be problems down the line.
  4. Competent. This is the most important factor to consider. Does the applicant have the experience, education and necessary skills to satisfactorily perform their duties? Can you be sure that all the qualifications listed on their resume are accurate?

To guarantee the hiring of competent employees, many human resources departments require a skills test for employment.

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