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The ins and outs of prepping for remote interviews as a hiring manager


The ins and outs of preparing for a remote interview as a hiring manager

The ins and outs of preparing for a remote interview as a hiring manager

When looking for an exceptional hire, sometimes a broader net must be cast to find the right kind of talent required for an open position. Knowing the ins and outs of conducting remote interview can help streamline the process.

According to Small Business Trends, remote job listings now account for almost half of all listings on the popular job search site FlexJobs. A remote interview can dovetail nicely with telecommuting positions, even if the job isn’t 100 percent remote; Glassdoor reported that over 40 percent of employed Americans now spend at least some time working remotely, and more than 30 percent work remotely 80-100 percent of the time.

A remote interview can allow hiring managers to rapidly sort through candidates without requiring the more complex scheduling of in-person interviews. This alone makes the remote interview option ideal for interviewing candidates who have applied for positions that will also be remote.

A professional speaking to another professional on a video callAre you ready to interview candidates for remote positions?

Getting ready for a remote interview
These remote interview best practices can help ensure you’re ready to find the best candidates for the job.

Following these guidelines can help make your hiring interviews go smoothly and assist in narrowing your candidate field without spending days organizing in-person interviews. After a few are under your belt, you’ll be a pro at getting through remote hiring and your productivity will skyrocket.