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Financial Impact

A bad hire can cost up to 30% of the individual’s first-year salary, a statistic from the U.S. Department of Labor that resonates even more in the tight-budgeted non-profit sector.


The wrong person in an important role can slow down projects, mismanage resources, and create bottlenecks that impact service delivery.

Team Morale

When a bad hire creates a toxic work atmosphere, it can demoralize our team members and cause more people to leave. This can impact the organization’s long-term stability.

Staying Mission True

When nonprofit recruiting methods lead to employing the wrong people, it’s easy to lose sight of your main goal. This can make your impact less effective and might even derail your entire mission.

Avoiding Recruitment Pitfalls: Pre-Employment Testing for Nonprofit Recruiting

Hiring the right staff is critical for successful nonprofits. By incorporating resources that help you avoid hiring mistakes like skills testing for employment, you can ensure your future employees have the necessary skills for nonprofit organizations.

EmployTest’s pre-employment tests provide the insights you need to make informed, empowering nonprofit staffing decisions for roles like program managers, development team members, administrative staff, and more.

Non-profits like charities, foundations, or civic organizations, are often the heart and soul of our communities. They spearhead social change, offer support to marginalized groups, and provide resources where they are most needed.

However, the work of any non-profit is only as good as the team that drives it. Making the wrong hiring choices can affect not only the organization but also the communities we care about deeply.

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How EmployTest Can Empower Your Non-Profit with Pre-Employment Testing

EmployTest offers a wide range of pre-employment testing solutions tailored to assess skills, behavioral traits, and aptitude, specific to various roles being filled with nonprofit recruiting:

  1. Administrative and Clerical Staff: Microsoft Office tests, plus Basic Skills tests, ensure you’re hiring staff proficient in organizational and software skills necessary for smooth operations.
  2. Managers: Supervisor and manager aptitude tests can assess an applicant’s ability to lead teams and execute projects effectively.
  3. Development Team: With our sales aptitude tests, as well as language skills testing for employment, you can evaluate the skill-level of candidates in fundraising and donor management.
  4. Finance Personnel: Microsoft Excel tests, as well as problem solving and reasoning tests, can show vital skills for nonprofit organizations and uncover applicants who will thrive in these analytical roles.

We believe that empowerment isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a driving philosophy. By using pre-employment testing for nonprofit recruiting , you’re empowering your nonprofit organization to make data-driven hiring decisions.

You’re helping to find talent that aligns with your organization’s values and goal, which lifts your organization and by extension, the communities you serve.

Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Elevate Your Nonprofit Recruiting with Empowered Hiring Strategies

The importance of avoiding hiring mistakes in a nonprofit recruiting cannot be stressed enough. Bad hires don’t just impact our internal operations; they affect the very communities that depend on our services.

EmployTest’s complete range of pre-employment testing solutions provides you with the tools to make confident, well-informed hiring choices.

The right team can make all the difference in fulfilling your mission and making a meaningful impact on the community, and our goal is to provide tools and resources that make high-quality nonprofit staffing easier

Are you ready to take an empowered approach to hiring? Elevate your nonprofit to its fullest potential by investing in skills testing for employment and smart hiring strategies today.

Pre-employment tests for job applicants