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4 Qualities of the Right Job Applicant


Hello. My name is Alison, and welcome to today’s episode of EmployTest TV. Interviewing job applicants can be overwhelming, especially when there are hundreds of applicants with strong resumes. It’s crucial for hiring managers to look for specific qualities. So here are four qualities that will make the right applicant stand out.

The first is preparedness. A sign of a great potential employee is finding someone who went above and beyond doing research beforehand. If someone knows about company culture and is enthusiastic about working for the company, they’re most likely a better fit than candidates who didn’t do their homework beforehand.

Secondly, look for someone who is inquisitive. A good candidate should ask questions about the company. The ability to ask questions is a trait of someone who will be engaged even after they get the job.

Third, candidates should show a willingness to grow. The business world today is always evolving, and candidates should be too. Find someone who works to continuously build their skills and is receptive to feedback.

Finally, look for someone who thinks creatively and out of the box, so to speak. A hiring manager looking at many candidates will appreciate any skills that will make certain prospects stand out. Those who answer questions with responses that are out of the ordinary may have a unique approach to their work that could be beneficial to your business.

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