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3 Skills Great Employees Share


Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of EmployTest TV. While there isn’t a formula that makes up the perfect employee, there are a few characteristics that hiring managers need to look out for in the ideal candidate.

Number one is honesty. Candidates should speak realistically and openly about their strengths and weaknesses. The ability to reflect on their best qualities while criticizing areas of improvement, so they will strive to be a good and honest worker.

The second thing hiring managers should look for is drive. People usually present the best parts of themselves at job interviews. But if they indicate unprompted that they will do whatever the company needs while on the clock, this is a good sign that they will be around long-term and provide value.

It’s common for employees to complain certain tasks go outside their job description. So a candidate who says they will do whatever it takes for the business to thrive is someone worth having in your company.

The third trait of a good candidate is someone who is self-aware. Employees who can effectively communicate how they would like to further develop existing skills and learn new ones can be beneficial to the company as a whole. When workers pass wisdom onto others and learn from colleagues, this creates a healthy and productive work environment.

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