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ONET Can Help You Select Tests


Need some advice? Deciding which test titles to administer can sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from. Our detailed test description pages, our Test Catalog and using O*NET, will help.

O*NET was developed by the US Department of Labor and helps you determine, based on the job title, which skills, knowledge and abilities are typically needed for specific job positions. You can visit O*NET to search by job title and the below video will show you how. If you instead want to talk with our friendly team, just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.


Hi, this is Ken of EmployTest. I am here to talk about which test you should select for your job positions. Sometimes people look at our test list and also our test catalog and they say “wow”, that just an incredible number of tests. How do I choose which ones that I should be administering my job candidates?”. You can filter at the top of the test list page and you can filter by topic and by function.

But even before you do that, we recommend that you look at the US Department of Labor ONET website that lists the common of tasks, abilities, and knowledge that are needed for various positions. This step jump-starts you and helps you get a better idea of what sort of skills you should be testing for. You can use this information, in addition to a job analysis where you talk with others in the position there at the company to come up with which pre-employment tests you should be using.

If you go to the ONET page and type at the top search box for “admin assistant” and that will take to administrative assistant options. You can click on executive administrative assistant and you can see the different type of tasks that are listed for typically this role. You see the tasks, technology skills, the knowledge base that is needed and other sorts of skills and abilities of the type they’re doing in the day-to-day work.

This can be really helpful to help you figure out what type of skills are commonly need for your positions. We have tests of many of these: accounting software, QuickBooks, various Microsoft programs, clerical knowledge, grammar, spelling and writing skills. There are a lot of different pre-employment test options that we offer and our team can help you figure this out.

Please use this ONET site as a helping aide to determine what may be the best topics you need to test for. If you have any questions about it, just let us know. We are here to help.