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6 Skills to Test with HVAC Service Tech Applicants

Hiring an HVAC technician? Keep reading for six skills you can test with HVAC applicants.

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Hiring an HVAC Tech

When hiring service technicians, there’s a lot to think about. It’s more than just the technical know-how of installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment. It’s also understanding what the customer needs, delivering impeccable service, and keeping track of all the details along the way. The US DOL lists even more, but here are six non-technical skills that are important for success in this job. 

6 Skills You Can Test for HVAC Tech Applicants

1) Customer Service

Poor service doesn’t get repeat calls and the acquisition cost of a customer is always increasing. Technicians are typically walking into a frustrating situation for the customer. You want a technician who can provide an excellent experience and build a relationship between your company and the customer. Some techs are better than others with this, and you want to know which applicants are better, before making hiring decisions. 81% of consumers say good customer service increases the likelihood that they will make another purchase/work with a company again.

2) Math and Other Basic Skills

Reading, writing and math are the foundation blocks for most jobs, including HVAC techs. While these basic skills aren’t typically be the first ones mentioned, they are among the most important. For example, technology requires business iPads/tablets that do the math for you. But human errors can happen, which can result in wrong quotes or products being ordered. Your technician needs the ability to recognize that the numbers may be wrong, before presenting options to the customer. Basic skills, though listed second here, could easily be at the top.

3) Sales Ability

Your technicians are also salespeople. They are the frontline, face-to-face workers who have the ability to guide customers about why they need a replacement unit or service plan. If your technician is uncomfortable with making suggestions or a friendly service plan upsell, then you need to be aware of their limitations.

4) Dependability 

Keeping to a schedule and showing up when and where they are supposed to be should be the most basic trait of a quality HVAC tech. They should desire to be on time, in order to meet the customer’s minimal expectations and make a good first impression.

5) Teamwork 

Despite their typical solo interactions with customers, service techs need to work well as part of a team. From the office staff to billing to purchasing, internal “customers” (co-workers) should be treated respectfully, with a helping attitude. There will be times when a tech is assigned to customers/projects that aren’t their own and the willingness to go an extra step for a co-worker should be expected.

6) Cognitive Reasoning and Problem Solving Ability 

Cognitive ability testing is important because it gives an objective measure of a person’s mental abilities. Service calls may be primarily about troubleshooting problems with no obvious solution and each situation doesn’t present exactly as planned. Your techs need the ability to think through problems to solve them, on their own.

Pre-hire Tests Save the Day!

Your team has worked hard building your company and you need the right employees to deliver excellent customer service and keep those positive reviews flowing in.So as you evaluate applicants’ abilities, be sure to include pre-employment tests as part of your selection process.  You can test for customer service, sales, dependability and teamwork, as well as basic skills and even cognitive reasoning skills. Tests will evaluate their skills, before you hire them, and give confidence that you’re making the right hiring decision.

Try a free sample test, get a demo or contact our friendly team with your questions. We’ll help you start making smarter hiring decisions, today!.