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Don’t hire for the sake of hiring


A Microsoft Office test can find candidates who have strong administrative abilities.

An office will be more successful when employees not only get along with one another, but also when they have the right skill set to push the company forward. It is not always easy to find this combination in prospective hires, which is why human resource teams must remain diligent in their searches. Even if an applicant has just one or two of the requirements for a position, it might not be enough to hire him or her for the job.

According to a contribution piece in Entrepreneur Magazine, businesses are hiring people because they need help. However, that does not mean that bringing on candidates just for the sake of having extra bodies will be beneficial in the long-run.

“Because time is your scarcest resource, you don’t have the hours, let alone the resources, to train new employees,” the article said. “You also don’t have the time to ‘hope’ that they will bring immediate value to your business.”

The article added though, that this doesn’t mean that employees will never grow into a position, or further adapt into their roles. Smaller companies cannot afford to work against the clock, which is why it is essential to hire the right applicant the first time.

When HR managers use pre employment assessments, they can ensure that they can accurately narrow down the candidate field. For example, if a position requires that an applicant have strong administrative skills, implementing a Microsoft Office test will find individuals with the ability to create and manage documents.

Furthermore, after candidates have proved themselves in the interview stages, it is likely that they can adjust their skills as necessary as new technologies and systems are integrated.