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Revolutionizing Government Hiring: The Skills Assessment Test for Employment Take Center Stage

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Gone are the days when a college degree was the golden ticket to government employment.

In 2020, the President issued an Executive Order requiring Federal agencies to prioritize skills over college degrees when hiring. This directive aims to overhaul the government’s hiring practices and focus on applicants’ super abilities rather than educational background.

Now, the spotlight is firmly on the skills you bring to the table. The government’s interested in candidates who can prove their talents, regardless of whether a university degree graces their wall.

A History of Hiring Hurdles

The US Federal government has had its fair share of hiring hurdles.

Like a rookie sidekick getting to choose the Justice League roster, these complications and setbacks sometimes kept the best heroes out of the running.

Champions for Change: Structured Interviews and Pre-Hire Assessments

In 2019, the US Digital Service tackled these problems for two agencies head on.

Their goal was to increase manager evaluations of pre-qualified or “certified” applicants. Before this, candidates could self-rate abilities from 1-5 when applying on USAJobs. However, self-assessments are unreliable.

Applicants may oversell skills or misunderstand role requirements. The solution was having subject matter experts develop structured interviews and pre-hire skills assessments. This showcased applicants’ skill level before referral to managers.

The result? Certified candidates who’ve shown they’ve got the skills to save the day.

Private Sector Parallels & The Need for Skills Assessment

The struggles faced by government agencies aren’t all that unique. Private companies can find themselves in the same web of employment problems.

Issues like predetermined openings, excessive HR influence, and over-reliance on applicant claims emerge there as well.

Just as civil service reformers pushed for skills-based hiring in government, forward-thinking private sector leaders are realizing that evaluating abilities is key. Both sectors need fair tests to find the most capable candidates.

The Impact of Pre-Hire Assessments on the Skilled Workforce

The Executive Order stands to benefit skilled workers, especially those with talents that can be seen through skills assessments tests for employment.

Prove critical thinking skills? Ability to ace a pre-hire personality test? Verify leadership potential? Pre-hire assessments offer the tangible evidence candidates need to demonstrate their hidden strengths.

This new approach levels the playing field, creating opportunities for lower-income candidates. No more needing to wield a degree like Thor’s hammer to gain entry. It’s all about the skills you possess and the talents you’re ready to unleash.

Unlocking a World of Potential with EmployTest

Pre-hire skills tests assist in smarter hiring decisions for agencies and companies. A skills assessment test for employment shows applicants’ abilities before you extend an offer. Aligned with the guidelines of the US Dept of Labor and the EEOC, it showcases exactly what each applicant brings to the table.

When you read the pre-employment skills testing results report, you’ll see what your heroes can do before they even step foot through the door. Contact us to learn more about pre-employment tests and  get a free sample test today.