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Importance of testing computer skills with pre employment testing


Issue a computer skills assessment to ensure that your applicants have the skills you need for the position.

If your company is struggling to find applicants who have certain computer skills that a position requires, try to incorporate computer skills assessment into your hiring routine. Issuing a computer skills test and directly asking applicants about their skill level are two ways to ensure you hire employees that posses the abilities you need for the job. Houston Chronicle reports that from data entry to sending emails, computer skills are necessary for today’s workforce.

“Employers seek and reward employees with the skills and knowledge to send messages across the country via e-mail; use a spreadsheet to create a graph and paste it into a report; add and edit data in a database; understand the implications of file sizes, memory limitations, and network arrangements; and recognize the function and features of modern computer components,” The University of Central Florida writes. “Any job candidate who already possesses these skills will stand above those who do not.”

A great way to test your applicant’s skills is with our computer skills assessment and pre employment testing. Our tests are interactive to show you exactly what your applicants know or don’t know in regards to specific or specialised computer skills. Instead of a candidate being able to guess through a multiple-choice exam, he or she will be required to do certain tasks using toolbars, shortcuts, menus and more. We have a wide variety of computer skills tests and will help you identity the most appropriate one for your job’s skill level.