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To avoid hiring headaches, don’t stop recruiting


Organizations can use their existing employees' professional networks to boost recruiting.

Chances are that when a position becomes available at your organization, the hiring director begins a desperate scramble to get job postings up and start bringing in applicants and their resumes. Not only does this rushed process put pressure on the organization to fill the position as quickly as possibl””which often leads to hiring mistakes- but it also creates stress which can lower productivity and employee engagement.

To avoid this taking place at your organization, it is important to recruit continuously. Even if you believe you have formed a solid team and will not be expanding until the future, being prepared for growth can lead to better quality hires and less stress on your hiring director. After all, it is impossible to tell when a current employee will find a new opportunity or if personal reasons will cause you to wind up suddenly short-staffed.

Owners and managers should always be on the look out for talent that could benefit their organization. One cost-effective means of identifying potential new employees is to have your existing team scour their professional networks for those that match the qualifications you are looking for. Many organization incentive their employees to due to their recruiting for them, which results in a wider field of candidates and applicants that would likely already mesh well with the existing office culture.

However, with any new hire, it is critical to determine whether the candidate has the level of skill needed by your organization to support future growth. Even if they come heavily recommended by a current employee, pre employment testing can ensure that the candidate will provide a solid return on investment. An online computer skills test can also be stored in your company’s record, allowing for a catalog of possible new hires to be regularly maintained and updated.