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Top 5 computer skills employees need to succeed


Find out which computer skills you should be looking for in resumes.

Find out which computer skills you should be looking for in resumes.

As you’re figuring out ways to revamp your hiring process, one important aspect is considering the computer skills that your new hires need to have. Of course, basic computer skills related to the position are mandatory, but there are many qualifications that will make your employees even more valuable for your company.

What follows are some of the most important computer skills to look for in resumes.

1. Cybersecurity
Even as technologies become more advanced in the realm of security, cybersecurity risks are ever present, as hackers continue to find new ways to attack. Looking for cybersecurity experience on IT resumes is a great way to bring in employees that are already adept in detecting and preventing security breaches.

To take it even further, experience related to cloud security could be especially valuable, as more offices are printing less and saving everything on the cloud.

2. CRM databases 
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, such as Salesforce, allow companies to better connect with customers and streamline business activities. Candidates with CRM experience are valuable because they’re already familiar with these databases and can further improve your processes and thus the bottom line.

CRM is one of the fastest-growing software markets, according to a market research report from Grand View Research. Market Watch also stated that the global CRM software market is expected to grow 6 percent annually until 2023.

As CRM usage steadily increases, these skills will continue to stay relevant across departments within your organization.

3. Social media and email marketing
Potential hires that have social media experience (on a professional level) are becoming more valuable. They not only know how to manage multiple platforms daily, but they can also inform you of which outlets are the most appropriate for your company.

It’s important for companies to be present online, whether engaged with LinkedIn to find candidates or implementing lead generation strategies via Facebook or Instagram posts.

Candidates with social media experience bring value to many types of teams.Candidates with social media experience bring value to many types of teams.

Another way to increase and improve your online presence is to hire employees that are familiar with email marketing platforms. These tools help you send out automated monthly newsletters or email blasts, and they may require a bit of extra knowledge around design and content creation.

4. AI and machine learning
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are both changing the landscape of business operations worldwide. As automation becomes more of a reality for your organization, you may need to train current employees on best practices and new methods.

But, what if you could hire employees who were already familiar with AI tools and best practices? This would save time and money, and you’d have a head start on how to implement the latest data analysis strategies.

5. Software development
The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects software developer employment to rise 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is “much faster than the average for all occupations” according to their data. As the demand for more complex computer software increases, these positions are among the hottest jobs out there right now.

Even if you’re not in the market for a software developer, candidates with these skills can bring lots of value. Having the ability to develop, test, and implement software and applications is an asset within any workplace, especially as systems and processes go digital. Because software developers, as the Balance Careers notes, are in essence required to analyze and diagnose problems, meet the needs of users, and know different coding languages, they can bring a wide range of skills to any team.

Basic computer skills are a must for much of the workforce these days. But taking those skills a step further and looking for candidates with experience with the latest innovations will give you a competitive advantage and will help you streamline and perfect business operations.