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Financial Costs

Budgets are tight in education, so a bad hire can turn into a financial burden.

Productivity Loss

A poor job fit can require unexpected training and divert resources from important projects.

Team Morale

The wrong hire can be toxic for the culture, causing issues with other staff.

Legal Consequences

Bad hires can lead to legal troubles and permanently hurt the reputation of an educational institution.

Using Skills Testing for Educational Staffing: A Focus Beyond Teachers

In the education sector, the right personnel can make or break an institution’s success.

While teachers and educator skills are often the focus, the same attention should be applied to hiring non-teaching staff, including administrative and clerical staff, finance personnel, and support staff.

Bad hires can result in wasted resources, decreased productivity, and low morale.

EmployTest offers pre-employment job skills assessment tests that help your organization avoid these pitfalls.

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Using Testing to Uncover Skills

Education is the backbone of our society, empowering the next generation to carry the torch of progress.

But successful colleges, universities, schools, and other educational institutions are made up of a highly diverse team of creative professionals that extends far beyond instructors.

The administrative machinery behind these institutions is just as crucial to their overall effectiveness and impact.

After all, no matter how skilled a teacher is, they can only be as successful as the team supporting them allows them to be.

By using the job skills assessment tests available from EmployTest, you are helping to ensure that your entire team is  prepared for success.

Hiring Tests for Job Interview

How EmployTest Can Help With Skills Testing for Employment

EmployTest offers a range of job skills assessment tests specifically designed to evaluate the skills, behavioral traits, aptitude, and industry knowledge of job applicants for administrative staffing and other positions.

These tests, such as communication skills tests and general skills assessments, are particularly useful for the following roles:

  1. Clerical and Administrative Staffing: Job Skills Assessment Tests such as our Basic Skills Test, Communication Skills Test, and Microsoft Word and Outlook tests help you gauge the candidate’s proficiency in necessary software and organizational skills.
  2. Finance Personnel: Our Financial Skills Test assesses competencies in areas such as attention to detail, data entry and Microsoft Excel.
  3. Support Staff: Tests such as reading comprehension and grammar/spelling help your leadership ensure you have skilled individuals in vital roles that require knowledge beyond educator skills.
  4. Everything else: We also offer aptitude and other skills assessments that can be invaluable across different job roles in an educational setting.
Pre-employment tests for job interviews

Empowerment: Make Informed Decisions Using Skills Testing for Employment

By using our skills testing for employment, you’re not just avoiding the complications that come from bad hires.

You’re using tools to find people who may not meet qualifications on paper, but align with your institution’s values and goals. This empowers your organization to achieve its full potential with equitable hiring decisions.

EmployTest’s comprehensive suite of job skills assessment tests helps you make informed, empowering hiring decisions. By getting it right the first time, you set your institution on a path for sustained excellence.

Take the proactive step today in ensuring that your teachers and students are supported by the most skilled and qualified team available.

Are you ready to find out how much skills testing for employment can empower your educational institution’s hiring process?

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