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Microsoft Word Tests for Applicants

Word is one of the most commonly used programs in business today. Its use ranges from simple report creation to advanced formatting and mail merges.

While Word may seem simple to some, if your applicants don’t have at least intermediate skills, then they may struggle with completing their work. We offer these Microsoft Word tests:

  • Word Beginner
  • Word Intermediate
  • Word Advanced

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Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced


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Why to use Microsoft Word tests

Here are issues that can happen if your new employees can’t use Word:

Inefficiency: The employee might take longer to complete tasks, as they struggle to navigate the software or resort to using less efficient tools for creating and editing documents.

Formatting: A lack of familiarity can lead to poor formatting, making the final output look unprofessional or difficult to read.

Collaboration issues: A lack of proficiency might hurt their ability to work with co-workers. This could lead to miscommunications or difficulty sharing and editing documents as a team.

Limited functionality: Employees who are not familiar with Microsoft Word might miss out on the software’s advanced features, such as track changes, comments, mail merge, or templates, which can help streamline document creation and review processes.

Increased reliance on others: The employee may need help from co-workers to do tasks that involve Microsoft Word, which can hurt everyone’s productivity.

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How our Microsoft Word tests help

Our Microsoft Word tests measure job applicants on the most common uses of Word. The tests cover everything from Word basics to advanced skills, and you can pick the level you want, based on the needs of your job.

The Word questions require the user to perform the desired task in the simulated Word document. The user answers questions using the toolbars, shortcut keys, or menus, whichever method they know best, where applicable.

The tests are available in Word 365 (2019), 2016, and earlier versions. The test taker doesn’t need Word installed on their computer. Our tests work in a regular web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox).


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Word Test Topics & Reports

  • Formatting – Borders, Columns, Paper Size and more
  • Editing – Insert Symbol, Find/Replace, Undo and more
  • File Management – Protect document, templates and more
  • Tools and Automation – Help, Zoom and more
  • Tables and Graphics – Shapes, Charts, and more

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Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Microsoft Word test levels

The most commonly used Word test is our “Intermediate” level, which gives an overall “snapshot” of Word skills.

The Beginner Word test includes basic editing and formatting tasks. The Advanced Word test has questions on tools and automation.

While important, Advanced is less often used than Beginner or Intermediate level. You can use any level you need, as your job openings change.

We can customize tests to meet the exact requirements for the job (minimums may apply) and we have timed versions too.

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Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests, such as the Microsoft Word test, is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them.

Using research-based, validated pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience.

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