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Medical Office Skills Tests

You need A+ employees to deliver top-notch care. Our pre-employment tests will show you who’s the most qualified employee, which will reduce errors and increase patient satisfaction.

Commonly used tests:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Medical Billing
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Basic Employment Skills Test

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Billing & Insurance


Multiple Choice


Basic to Intermediate


10-20 minutes per test

Which skills are important for Healthcare workers?

Attention to detail: Workers in a medical office need to have a keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy.

Communication skills: Effective communication is essential when working in a team environment and with supervisors.

Problem-solving: Identify problems and develop solutions quickly.

Computer literacy: Basic computer skills are necessary for data entry, patient records, and other tasks.

Customer service: Employees interact with patients, so having customer service skills can be an asset.

Medical Billing: Managing patient invoices, submitting insurance claims, and ensuring accurate and timely payments for healthcare services.

Pre-employment tests for job interviews

Medical Office Tests

  • Attention to Detail
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Basic Employment Skills
  • Elite Care Profile (Behavioral profile for healthcare)
  • Cognitive Reasoning
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medical Abbreviations
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Insurance
  • Typing Test
  • Vocabulary – Medical

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Pre-employment tests for job applicants

How are these tests scored?

Our system instantly emails the score report when the test is finished.  The test taker does not receive or view the results.  These reports are highly detailed and cover the below topics:

  • Percent of Correct Answers (80%, 50%, 100%, etc)
  • Skill Level: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Correct/incorrect for each question
  • Time taken per question and more

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Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them.

Using research-based pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience.

All of our tests follow the guidelines of the EEOC and US Department of Labor’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection.

Pre-employment tests for attention to detail.