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Elite Skills Test

This test measures basic abilities needed for an employee to succeed in most entry to mid-level jobs.  Along with a cognitive ability test, it can serve as a core test for many jobs.

  • Language skills (grammar, spelling)
  • Basic math
  • Detail orientation
  • Analytical skills (interpreting data in tables)

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Admin/Office Support
(Most Jobs)


Multiple Choice


Basic – Intermediate


25 minutes

Why is this test important?

Basic skills in grammar, spelling, math, and attention to detail are vital when hiring new employees, as they form the foundation for effective communication, problem-solving, and accuracy in work tasks.

These skills help employees to present information clearly, minimize errors, maintain professionalism, and contribute to a well-functioning team, which improves overall workplace productivity and success.

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Pre-employment assessments

Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests, such the Elite Skills test, is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them. But using research-based pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience.

All of our tests follow the guidelines of the EEOC and US Department of Labor’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection.

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