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3 out-of-the-box interview questions being asked in today’s job market


These creative interview questions are as helpful as they are challenging.

These creative interview questions are as helpful as they are challenging.

Quirky interviews are all the rage today – and with articles circulating about the outrageous brain teasers companies like Facebook and Google use in their recruiting process, organizations may feel like they need to get creative just to keep up. However, it’s rare for hiring managers to actually get valuable insight from questions that are completely out of left field. After all, what’s the point of asking a question whose answer you hardly understand yourself?

At the same time, interviewers who come to the table with the same drab, predictable questions as every other company are likely to hear only canned responses, completely missing out on an opportunity to see what makes their candidate tick.

In this post, we’ll offer a few interview questions as examples of what is being asked of applicants.

“I’m not sure you’re a fit for the role…”
This question (or comment) comes by way of Mitchell Harper, Co-CEO of Bigcommerce. Whether they have legitimate cause for concern or not, voicing a few doubts in the interview is a great way for hiring managers to see how candidates respond to being told “no,” Harper explained to Inc. This approach is ideal for sales associates or executives with big personalities who will have to fight to implement change in your organization.

Employers have to keep in mind that less confident candidates may not respond well to this strategy, however, especially in situations where working through the word “no” won’t be an essential part of their job. Used in the right context, however, a candidate’s response to this comment could say a lot about how he or she handles adversity.

The most successful job interviews inspire candidates to think critically and creatively. The most successful job interviews inspire candidates to think critically and creatively.

“If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?”
According to Entrepreneur, Apple uses this thought process question to evaluate its Specialist candidates. While similar to infamous problem-solving queries like, “How many golf balls would fit in a school bus?” this question does not depend at all on details about pizza or scissors – it simply gives interviewers a chance to gauge how the candidate approaches problems. Plus, it allows job seekers a chance to be creative and show their personality.

“How does the internet work?”
Companies hiring for a number of technical and non-technical roles have used this question not to measure candidates detailed understanding of the web, but to evaluate their communication skills. Because the internet is such a colossal concept, it would be impossible for someone to capture every detail in a succinct answer, so employers look for interviewees’ ability to stick to key facts and avoid overly technical jargon.

Remember, one acceptable approach is to only ask questions that are directly related to the applicant’s ability to perform the job well. You can also interview candidates in a group setting alongside your co-workers. That way you can help each other avoid potential biases. Another way to mitigate this risk is to pair behavioral interview questions with a pre-employment test. These assessments measure applicants’ tangible skills, making sure their technical weaknesses aren’t masked by clever answers to these more flexible interview questions.

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