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Applicants who see medicine as a lifestyle, not a job


A major issue facing job candidates today – especially those individuals considering work in the healthcare fields – is whether to take the path of a university education, or instead, go through a certification program. While there is not a right or wrong answer, a key aspect for those individuals to keep in mind is why they wanted to work in that area in the first place.

An article from InformationWeek Healthcare said that, regardless of the form of education, key factors for choosing an individual for a job include the right combination of training, personality and industry insights.

In a recent Medscape contribution piece, Sheila Bigelow, a resident physician at Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, wrote about her reasons for choosing to become a doctor, and how she dealt with a job that continues to increase in difficulty.

“It probably seems like medicine takes over your entire life,” Bigelow wrote. “However, I strongly disagree. Through my career and experiences, I have met wonderful patients who have taught me that no matter the hand dealt to you, you will always win with a positive attitude and humor.”

Bigelow added that despite studying and working long hours as well as taking out multiple loans to pay for an education, her chosen career is a rewarding one. Overall, she said, medicine has given much more to her in life than it has taken away.

In order to ensure that applicable candidates can adhere to these standards, HR representatives should consider using a healthcare aptitude test. This determine that possible doctors, nurses or support staff have the right skills and mindset for the job. It is important for individuals in this field to feel as if medicine has not taken over their lives, but is instead, a part of them.