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How to choose the right interview questions


The importance of using the right interview questions

The importance of using the right interview questions

The hiring process is not only stressful for the applicant. Human resources and the hiring team must take the time to evaluate each candidate on their experience, skill set and how they would fit within the company. Asking the right interview questions is critical to gain this insight, but knowing what to ask isn’t always straightforward. Using the right interview questions can help you choose the most well-rounded and qualified candidate, giving you peace of mind and saving you time.

An emphasis on soft skills

A resume can be a great start to understanding if an applicant possesses some of the practical experience and knowledge needed for the role. Other soft skills, like communication, collaboration and problem-solving, are just as important, reports Forbes, but are harder to determine from a single interview or resume.

Skills that are distinctly human, like empathy and leadership, are the foundation of any solid employee. As daily processes become more automated, the Harvard Business Review reports finding employees that excel in these traits is gaining importance.

This is especially true when it comes to customer-facing roles. While positions that require repetition and a strict routine can be easily automated, interactive roles where conversation and the ability to adapt to changing situations quickly need a human touch. It’s impossible to know if a candidate has these skills from a single meeting, but that’s where a skill test can be beneficial.

Individualized tests streamline the process

More employers are beginning to use skills test to find exceptional prospects before an in-person interview takes place. A well-done skills examination can be used to evaluate practical skills and desired inherent characteristics. Basic math skills and language comprehension are a cornerstone for most positions and can be administered electronically to all applicants.

Having employees with customer service skills is crucial for some businesses, but testing for the necessary abilities can be difficult.Having employees with customer service skills is crucial for some businesses, but testing for the necessary abilities can be difficult.

Better yet, specialized skills tests are also available from companies like EmployTest. Evaluations covering everything from behavioral and computer skills tests, to accounting and industrial warehouse knowledge can be administered. Every industry can benefit from utilizing a skills test at the beginning of their hiring process. As the Society for Human Resource Management reports, “an organization that makes good hiring decisions tends to have productivity and lower turnover,” which ultimately affects the business’ bottom line for the better.

Skills tests will ask the specific questions that will give your hiring team the information they need to move forward with an applicant or ultimately onboard them.

Utilize follow-up questions from skills tests

One of the most beneficial things that results from a completed skills test are the recommended follow-up questions. EmployTest builds these questions into the score reporting, so they’re based on the applicants’ performance on the completed skills test. Using these follow-up questions during an in-person interview is incredibly beneficial for understanding more about an applicants’ soft skills on an individual basis.

If a candidate scores low in soft skill areas, like dependability, it would be brought to the attention of the hiring team. Obviously everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but guided questions that deal with dependability can be used to further probe in the interview to understand if the low score was a fluke or a red flag.

Personalized testing is made possible with these follow-up questions, and makes for a better interview experience for both the hiring team and the applicant. General questions and personality tests lack the depth that most HR teams need when making such an important decision. Your top applicants will be easy to identify, and you will be saving time and money by streamlining the process.

With skills test available for nearly every position imaginable, consider utilizing one during your next hiring process.