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Typing and Data Entry Tests

Fast and accurate keyboarding skills are a requirement for most jobs today. Multiple typos in a report or incorrectly keyed orders are not acceptable to clients or co-workers.

How will you measure this basic skill in job applicants?

Our keyboarding skills tests will help.

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All jobs that require use of keyboard to type or enter data.


Simulation of typing a report


Basic level


2-6 minutes, depending on test.

Keyboarding Test Options

Typing test: the user types paragraph text in a report format. Score in words per minute (WPM).

  • 5 Minute
  • 3 Minute
  • 1 Minute
  • Single Spaced

Ten key test: the user enters columns of numbers while moving forward using the plus key (+). Score in keystrokes per hour (KPH),

Data Entry test (alpha): the user types in simulated contact information to simulate an order or customer service scenario. Score given in keystrokes per hour (KPH).

Data Entry test (numeric): the user types in rows of numbers to simulate an accounting, inventory coding or data entry role. Score given in keystrokes per hour (KPH).

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Score Report (easy to read, instantly emailed to you)

  • Score Analysis (Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor)
  • Gross Typing Speed
  • Errors (if any)
  • Net Typing Speed (adjusted for errors)

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