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Financial Losses

Hiring the wrong person can lead to significant financial costs due to training, severance, and the eventual replacement process.


A bad hire who lacks the necessary skills can disrupt the workflow, create bottlenecks, and reduce productivity.

Legal Challenges

A bad hire could lead to legal disputes and hefty fines.

Reputation Damage

Mistakes can erode public trust, which is paramount in maintaining societal stability.

The Public Sector Recruiting Secret to Smarter Hiring

As a public sector recruiting team member, you know bad hires can really set you back. Whether it’s a school system, city government, court or college, picking the wrong administrative assistant, accountant, receptionist or support staff can hurt your budget and operations. But there’s a solution.

EmployTest’s public sector recruiting tools allow your HR team to thoroughly evaluate each applicant. Our customizable assessments identify candidates with the specific skills your open roles require. This prevents you from making the wrong hire that could negatively impact your organization.

With EmployTest, you can feel confident you’ll select government sector employees ready to excel in their positions and contribute to your agency’s success.

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Empowerment Through EmployTest’s Pre-Employment Screening

We believe it is our job to give public sector recruiting team members the tools they need to feel confident in their decision. EmployTest’s comprehensive suite of 100+ pre-employment screenings  is designed to empower government sector recruiters and HR departments to hire the right candidates, making them the Iron Man suit in your hiring arsenal.

Pre-Employment Screening Tests include:

  • Skills Assessment: For jobs like administrative assistant, where meticulous attention to detail is vital.
  • Behavioral Traits Analysis: To assess whether candidates have the right temperament for customer-facing roles such as reception.
  • Employee Aptitude Tests: Essential for roles that require critical thinking, like accounting positions.
  • Industry Knowledge Evaluation: Important for specialized roles in legal, educational, and other governmental institutions.
Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Government Sector Jobs Suitable for Pre-Employment Screening

  • Administrative Assistant: Require multitasking, organizational skills, and the ability to handle confidential information.
  • Accounting: Demand precision, integrity, and an understanding of complex financial regulations.
  • Reception: Need strong communication skills, empathy, and the ability to handle stressful situations.
  • Support Staff: Require various competencies depending on the specific role, including IT support, legal assistance, and more.
Pre-employment tests for job applicants

Conclusion: Empowering Public Sector Recruiting  with Employment Screening Solutions

Government institutions stand as the pillars of society. Like a well-assembled team of heroes,  they require the right mix of skills and personalities to operate effectively.

EmployTest’s range of  pre-employment screening tests can be the shield against hiring mistakes, empowering HR professionals to make more informed and effective hiring decisions. By doing so, they ensure that the right people are in the right positions, contributing to a more effective and efficient government sector  that truly serves its people.

Using an employment screening solution offers public sector recruiting real and tangible tools for avoiding hiring mistakes. Just like our favorite superheroes saving the day, your ability to identify the right new employee paves the way to success.


Now – who’s ready to assemble their dream team?

Pre-employment tests for job applicants