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Has your company’s top management lost faith in your hiring process?


Do you have upper management buy in for your hiring process?

Do you have upper management buy in for your hiring process?

Has your company’s upper management lost faith in your hiring process? Is your organization plagued by poorly-performing new hires? Are both good and bad employees leaving in droves? While some of these problems may be out of your control, or caused by a lack of vision or incentives from the top management, it may be time to reevaluate your hiring process and reassure these managers you have what it takes to onboard talented candidates.

Reevaluate your current hiring process
Are you only attracting unqualified candidates for the vast majority of your open positions? Maybe your talented candidates are turning down the job or leaving as soon as they arrive? No matter the reason, it may be time to rethink your hiring method.

Are your company's managers happy with your hiring process?Are your company’s managers happy with your hiring process?

Take a second look at your job descriptions. Are they not up to date with the latest requirement for the job? Maybe they are confusing, or lack engagement? If you want to draw in the best candidates at your company, you have to ditch the boring or ambiguous job descriptions and write ones that people will be passion about. Employees in today’s culture want to work at companies they believe in. Try to showcase what your company does best in each of these job postings.

While you may have worked as a hiring managers for years, you should still take time to prepare insightful topics for each interview. This way, you won’t be reiterating the same, tired questions time after time. If you seem bored by your words, your applicants will take this as a sign that they shouldn’t work for your company. Don’t be afraid to add some excitement to the hiring process. This will have applicants flocking at your doors and keep your upper management happy.

Have confidence that you can onboard the best new employees
Negativity and uncertainty can severely lower your self-esteem and confidence at work. If your upper management is constantly reminding you about the state of your company’s employee retention rate or discussing steps they need to take to bring on better hires, it is no wonder you may be suffering and unsure about yourself.

“Don’t be afraid to add some excitement to the hiring process.”

Once you have reevaluated your entire hiring process and implemented new measures that will further ensure your decision-making success, you must concentrate on being more confident at work. Whether you are too hard on yourself or have a lot on your shoulders, you should remember that when employees exude confidence, they invite others to follow their lead and listen to what they have to say. If you are your team’s decision maker, being assertive is an essential component of leadership you must hone.

While being confident at work is important for your own career advancement, it will benefit your upper management and employer as well. Confident employees are more likely to attract qualified talent, follow through on great projects, contribute innovative ideas, boost sales or revenue and get promotions. This way, all employees from the lowest to highest level of the company will benefit.

“More and more, employees are the face of the company,” William Arruda, a personal branding expert and author, explained to Forbes. “When employees are confident, they are better spokespeople for the company. With a lean workforce, companies need everyone engaged and inspired. Lack of confidence impedes full engagement.”

When reevaluating your hiring process, don’t forget to consider integrating pre-employment testing. In no time, you will receive accurate testing results, showcasing which of your applicants possess the necessary skills needed for open positions. Don’t worry about your company’s upper management any longer and contact EmployTest today!